Frites N Meats

Frites N Meats
Frites N Meats
We know what it means to bite into a juicy, perfectly cooked Burger.

“We knew the key was coming up with the best core ingredients – meat, buns & cheese, and to develop a range of premium toppings that would transform the core ingredients into something extraordinary. In New York City when you’re looking for the best meat, bread and cheese, inevitably your path will lead you to DeBragga & Spitler, Balthazar Bakery, & Murray’s Cheese. Once we had that, the rest came easy. We decided to have our toppings be the things we really liked on our Burgers.

But what about the Fries? If you’ve got killer Burger, you gotta have killer Fries. Well if youre gonna have killer Fries, they gotta be killer Frites. Killer Belgian-style Frites. Our fries go through the Belgian double frying process to ensure that perfect golden color with fabulous crispness on the outside and wonderful creaminess on the inside.”
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