GMonkeyLogoThe vegetarian/vegan movement has been around for a while now. It has also recently been taken to the next level… or should I say the streets with GMonkey Mobile. We talked to Ami Shadle of GMonkey Mobile to find out more about their successful and Eco-friendly Connecticut based food truck.

Why did you want to start a food truck?

To have greater access to communities that might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience our high quality cuisine. To be more visible, make more a greater impact and statement about our mission.

How did you come up with the name for your Food Truck?G Monkey Mobile Truck

The G In g monkey stands for our Green business ethics and sustainable vision. Monkey’s are highly intelligent, clever and witty animals that are primarily vegetarian… Hence the name G monkey.

What is the greatest part of owning a Food Truck?

Making and creating you own hours and if you are unhappy with your location, you just move. Being able to reach a diverse customer base while have fun and interacting with the public one on one.

Do you have plans to launch more trucks in your area?

YES, we named the G monkey Mobile truck UNIT #3, in hope that one day we will have a second, then another called Mobile unit #1.

What type of truck do you have? What makes it cool or unique?

It is a state of the art fully sustainable truck that runs on bio diesel vegetable fuel. It was custom built to be a state of the art brand new Vegan/raw food kitchen and utilized solar power as well.

How would you describe the the cuisine you offer?G Monkey Mobile Food

All plant based, organic and farm fresh!

Why did you choose this type of cuisine?

We are vegans ourselves and practice what we preach!

What is your most unique menu item?

Our raw/live food line. An example is the raw/live “curried un chicken salad” made from sprouted nuts and seeds, taste just like chicken but is raw. We serve it on salad and wraps.

How often do you change menu items and what is the average cost?

We change our menu daily and meals range from $8 – $10.

What type of beverages do you sell? Anything really cool?

Organic smoothies, fresh coconut water, fresh squeezed juices and natural local made sodas.

How many days a week are you in operation and how many people run the truck?

We are out 5 days a week with usually 3 – 4 people operating the truck.

What is the craziest thing you have seen while operating the truck?Construction Workers

A line of 100 hungry construction workers who didnt even know our truck was vegan. But in the end they were as happy and content as could be!

Have you been featured in any press? TV, Newspapers or Magazines?

Yes, we were nominated to go on the GREAT AMERICAN FOOD TRUCK RACE and on NBC, CBS, & FOX news as well as a ton of print press!

What is the best marketing advice you can give other food truck owners?

GIVE FOOD AWAY AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE and acknowledge your customers in ANY WAY YOU CAN.

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