Honestly, who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? It is an absolute classic! We all started eating the basic version as a kid and lucky patrons in New Haven now get to eat the adult version from the Caseus Cheese Truck. If you are really crazy about an amazing grilled cheese sandwich try entering in the Cheese Truck Challenge Championship where the current champion finished a whopping 10 sandwiches in just over 32 minutes. The basic grilled cheese sandwich starts out at just 5 bucks with plenty of tasty add-ons available. It is not a surprise that the press loves these guys… and of course their sandwiches!

Why did you want to start a food truck?

Food tastes better on wheels! We wanted to expand our business while also producing a great product that was affordable and could easily find its way into the stomaches of many hungry customers. A truck seemed like the best answer!

How did you come up with the name for your Food Truck?

We have a cheese shop and bistro called Caseus Fromagerie Bistro so The Caseus Cheese Truck just seemed like a good name.

Caseus Truck

The greatest part of owning a food truck is participating in great events and fundraisers. Its great when people see the truck somewhere and get really excited.

Do you have plans to launch more trucks in your area?

We have a lot of plans, we’ll see if any of them have wheels.

What type of truck do you have? What makes it cool or unique?

Our truck is a 1995 Dodge Ram Van that has been professional customized into a food truck. The truck is unique because its smaller than most trucks and looks like a mix between a school bus and a van. Its certainly one of a kind!

caseus sandwichHow would you describe the the cuisine you offer?

Our cuisine is new american comfort food. Our goal is too provide really simple food done really well.

Why did you choose this type of cuisine?

This type of cuisine is representative of what we offer in our bistro.

What is your best selling item and why?

Our best selling item would have to be our classic grilled cheese and tomato soup combo. The question isn’t why but why not? Its a classic, done really well. It will remind you of what mom used to make just with a little twist.

What is your most unique menu item?

Our most unique item menu is the sandwich you design. Our toppings include but are not limited to: guacamole, roasted red peppers, red onions, ham, pesto, arugula, fresh tomato, bacon!, grass fed beef patties, and cherry peppers. In addition we have a special of the day that constantly changes.

What type of beverages do you sell? Anything really cool?

We sell Foxon Park soda in glass bottles, they are produced locally and only use real cane sugar. We also sell Coca-Cola in glass bottles that is made in Mexico with real cane sugar. They’re all great!

How many days a week is the truck operating?

The truck is out Tuesday – Sunday. Monday is usually a day of rest although we sometimes get out for special events.

What are some great local events you participate in?

We participate in the City Seed farmers markets every Saturday and Sunday. In addition we support many charities all over the greater New Haven area.

What is the craziest thing you have seen while operating the truck?

Santacon Grilled Cheese TruckSantaCon! Every year we participate in SantaCon and there are typically a few hundred Santas running around the streets of New Haven looking for some grilled cheese sandwiches!

Do you see the food truck industry growing in New Haven?

Absolutely, new and exciting food trucks pop up every day.

Do you offer catering services? Tell us about them.

We do private events. We often visit peoples homes or businesses to cater private parties.

Have you been featured in any press?

We are featured in several newspapers and magazines. The best feature we’ve had was on Man Vs. Food Nation on the Travel Channel. They called us and wanted to try our Cheese Truck Challenge! Eat 10 sandwiches in under an hour with one ore more toppings and we’ll name it after you. I dare you to come try it!

How do you market your food truck?

We use Facebook to reach fans, we also go to as many special and charity events as possible so the truck can gain exposure.

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