Born and raised New Yorker “Big D” is living his dream of serving up some of the best grub in the city. His dedicated followers can find his locations on Twitter for lunch and sometimes dinner. This year he launched his breakfast menu which has corn cakes, breakfast burritos and even a Spanish Omelet!

Why did you want to start a food truck?

His dream is to share his passion for food with everyone and now it’s a reality with Big D’s Grub Truck. This brainchild of Big D’s desire to share honest, good tasting food with a focus on big flavors and big tastes is now hitting the streets of Manhattan.
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How did you come up with the name for your Food Truck?

Big D is the nickname my family gave me and I cook tasty food with big flavors – everything about me and my food is down to earth and real.

What is the greatest part of owning a Food Truck?

Being my own boss and growing my own business. Living the American dream!

What type of truck do you have? What makes it cool or unique?

A custom made truck that’s big, yellow and easy to spot on the street. I tricked it out with a halo light and equipped it with a great sound system.

How would you describe the the cuisine you offer?

I grew up in the heart of Queens and my family gatherings always featured good food with bold flavors influenced by Guyana, the American South and China in the spotlight.

Why did you choose this type of cuisine?
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It’s what I love, what I’m passionate about and what tastes delicious!

What is your best selling item and why?

The spicy chicken grinder – it’s my signature item and my favorite. You have to try it – juicy, flavorful chicken paired with cool, crispy cucumber, tangy pickled shredded daikon and carrots with cilantro, topped with a homemade spicy sauce all inside a fresh crispy sub roll. Big flava!

What is your most unique menu item?

Fried yucca!
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How often do you change menu items?

I like to add specials to the menu – spicy chicken wings, flan, rice platters. Sometimes I team up with Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the oldest dim sum house in NYC and offer their delicious dim sum. Gotta follow me on Twitter to find out my specials!

What is the average cost per menu item?

Nothing is over $10!

What type of beverages do you sell?

Jarritos – it’s all natural soda and comes in great flavors!

What are some great local events you participate in?

Find us at the Night Market Lights, Local Party on the Block and MasterCard Priceless Event!

What is the craziest thing you have seen while operating the truck?

Someone driving up in a Lamborghini to place their order – nice wheels!

Do you see the food truck industry growing in NYC?

Yes but there are some obstacles to face from the government.

Do you offer catering services?

Yes! Just reach out to me and I’ll customize a catering menu for you!

Do you do anything really cool while the truck is in operation?

My guys hoot and holler sometimes – just for kicks!

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